write a biz plan month

its that time of the year again. no, not the holidays. its national Write A Business Plan month. every December business owners and potential business owners alike are encouraged to write a business plan. many people feel that a business plan should be written to obtain funding for their business. today its easy to find consultants, business owners and other experts down playing the virtues and importance of business plans.

obtaining funding is definitely a good (and possibly necessary) reason to write a business plan. but there are other situations where business plans will range from being helpful, to outright necessary.

business plans are a great tool when trying to expand your business. if you’re seeking disadvantaged (minority, women, veteran etc) certifications many certification offices will allow you to submit a business plan in lieu of other requirements such as how long you’ve been in business. also a business plan may be requested if you’re looking to partner with or become a supplier for a larger business. that business wants to be convinced that you have a solid plan in place to sustain your entity while dealing with them.

of course beyond the required circumstances, writing a business plan when you’re starting, or seeking to give your existing business a roadmap is an excellent idea. often business owners aren’t prepared for various situations that arise. one of the best reasons to write a business plan is research. you SHOULD learn plenty about your industry, competitors and clients when writing your business plan. that will give you comfort when uncertainty arises.

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