reading is such a big part of learning. so much of what we need or want to learn is written somewhere. reading books, periodicals, websites, thesis and more will give you an edge on those who rely on what they’ve learned in the past. or only what they’re required to read. reading is also very affordable. magazine subscriptions, and books are extremely cheap when you look at the value they provide. and unimaginable when comparing to the cost of college. topping it off, reading is self paced. you can do it at your convenience with the ability to review when you want.

a great way to gain or increase knowledge in a certain area is by attending webinars. webinars are online realtime or recorded session where presenters engage viewers and/or attendees with current information. many of the useful resources you need are now hosting webinars. the IRS and Small Business Administration are two agencies that you may not have associated with taking advantage of technology in the past that are now all in with social media and the internet.

lastly i attend conferences, seminars and classes. while not as convenient as the two resources listed above, participating in these venues has great advantages. not only is it easier to get clarity of topics you’re not sure about (by speaking with the presenter), i can also connect with others in the industry or associated with the topic.