time to reduce the years required for a college degree.

college is very expensive. and although im a big advocate of attending and graduating from a college you can eventually* afford, we need to find ways to make college more affordable.

one of the ways to make college more cost efficient is to reduce the amount of time required to get a degree. there are at least two and possible three to four semesters that could be eliminated. lets be honest there are required classes that wont be used after the student graduates, but also doesnt help while theyre in school.

i get the college like everything else is a business. and this business has costs. those campuses are very expensive to build and maintain. professors want to make good money. and the technology thats now expected isnt anywhere near free. but this business model needs to change. if the time and costs to get a degree are reduced, the schools may make a big part of it up with the appeal to prospective students.

even if you feel that students need the academic experience for more than 2/2.5 yrs, the bloated class list should be shrunk. combine classes with work experience. while students are only paying for classes needed/taken. employers can have their own policy in regards to hiring


*when i reference eventually afford im a firm believer that loans should be limited based on realistic potential of what a person will earn with the degree theyre graduating with.

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Posted October 6, 2014 by augustusmac in category "education