2019, possibly the year that Uber cuts drivers

for several years ive stated that ultimately Uber wants a driverless fleet. early 2015 sources close to the ride hailing app confirmed they were building a building a research lab to “kickstart autonomous taxi fleet development”. during August of 2016 it was reported that Uber’s self-driving cars would start picking up passengers that month. this was after confirmation they had been testing their technology for 18 months. Continue reading

baltimore rc car league

im finally getting around to writing the plan for the Baltimore RC Car League (again). i started this previously but used the excuse of being busy as justification not to continue. realizing the need and others telling me how good an idea it is.

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kids can employ themselves

the school year is about halfway completed. so students, parents, school systems and cities are thinking about summer time jobs for the students. its a great idea. it helps to teach more responsibility, and financial awareness, while also giving them something to do with their abundance of free time.

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