kids can employ themselves

the school year is about halfway completed. so students, parents, school systems and cities are thinking about summer time jobs for the students. its a great idea. it helps to teach more responsibility, and financial awareness, while also giving them something to do with their abundance of free time.

in addition to helping them find jobs, i think that we can also teach some of them how to be self employed. there are many services and products kids can provide to generate revenue for themselves. of course activities such as babysitting, tutoring, and dog walking come to mind. but technology give the youth opportunities that they can take advantage of. such as setting up and teaching adults how to use smartphones, creating and maintaining social media profiles and more.

having a business is a daunting endeavor. but being self employed isnt having a business. theres a difference. i believe that McMillan Consulting along with our clients, partners friends and others, can give the properly motivated youth the skills and help they need to create something for themselves.

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Posted January 9, 2014 by augustusmac in category "youth