its time for churches to open the books.

today there’s so much negativity about churches and the money they take in. and churches take in tons of money. you’d be surprised at the amount of money a church with 50 weekly contributing members takes in. of course the financial statements of mega churches would floor you.

although most pastors and their boards will disagree its time to be transparent and let the members and possibly community see where the money comes from and goes. these are non profit entities. while more and more churches are getting a substantial amount of their revenue from businesses, they still need to be clear with whats going on.

if everything is on the up and up what’s the problem? public companies have to release statements. private companies dont. but their obligation to provide a service they charge customers for and pay the employees who help provide the service.

but churches receive money just because they exist. many churches provide good services for their members and communities. people understand that its a cost associated with providing those services.

im not one of those folks who have a problem with a pastor of a church pulling in high six figures or seven figures getting a six figure salary. there’s a lot of work involved in running an entity of that scale. regardless of it being for profit or not for profit. but that salary and other benefits the pastor receives needs to be justified.

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