everything is a business

one of the constant refrains (sometimes they can be labeled complaints) cited to me is that i treat everything like its a business. i admit thats how i very most things in life. especially those things that involve money. i feel if we took a more business like approach to tasks, problems and issues, they would be solved at a higher rate.

think about this. with the exception of public schools to a degree any entity that consumes money needs to take as much as it puts out to have long term sustainability. we most often apply this to for profit businesses. but it applies to all money consumers.

we often don’t associate a nonprofit with ‘making money’ and many don’t participate in money creating efforts. they dont produce products or services for the purpose of entities outside of the organization to purchase. but the ones who have been around for a while take in at least what they spend. it can be in the form of donations, grants or sponsorships. and more and more today many nonprofits are creating income. some do it to supplement what’s given to them, while others use it as their main source of income. hospitals and colleges are examples of nonprofits that provide a service for a fee to sustain itself. churches are an example of entities that have a good mix of products/services for sale in combination with money that is given to them.

this example can be repeated several times. governments are another example. as a matter of fact the taking in vs spending issue is the root to many of the Washington disagreements. those on the side of fiscal conservatism wants the country to reign in its spending to align it with income and necessities. while those on the other side feel as though we’re fine as long as we can handle our debt through credit like instruments similar to what we receive on a personal level. both sides have valid points. most entities need cash and credit to grow.

other than money, the business like approach has another system i believe in. knowing what you’re offering and receiving. (i get in trouble with this version more when it comes to romantic relationships than i do with the money.) business relationships are successful when both sides know what they’re giving and receiving. it isnt always money either. although thats the most simplest way. i walk into a store i see a widget thats $10 i expect to give the merchant $10 for a working widget (unless otherwise stated) and she expects me to pay her $10 to take that widget. thats not the only way though. Business One and Business C may decide to complete a joint marketing effort. the marketing effort will definitely cost money. but each business is looking for the other to stickup to their end of the agreement. it might include creating content for seminars, having employees spend time creating a mailing campaign, or adding promotional material to their websites. most of the time when clear expectations are set for each partner, and each of those partners delivers, everyone is happy. that can work with romantic relationships too.

taking a business like approach to entities and relationships doesnt remove the love. even while deal with a significant other or a charity whose mission touches your heart. it just creates a clear path for the love or success or happiness to channel through.

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