baltimore rc car league

the baltimore rc car league is my plan to give youths something to do with their out of school time. rc stands for radio (remote) control. the first thought that comes to mind are the toys you can buy at toy stores, Target, discount stores etc. but there’s a huge world of rc cars. this world includes cars that have to be assembled, professional drivers and more.

my main goal is to give the city’s youth a positive outlet. there will be other benefits for those who participate. the youth will learn a little about STEM. modifying their cars including performing tasks to make them lighter and faster will need engineering and math. even if they don’t realize they’re utilizing engineering. the youths will also acquire business skills. they will have to create business entities, open bank accounts, track income and expenses, market their team/drivers and more.

businesses will see a boost. established businesses should have an impact when they sponsor teams and drivers. beyond established business the league will need services from new businesses. car tracks, instructors, a hobby shop, possibly transportation services and more.