i’ve created several blogs. and with the exception of my first which was a Blogger site none of them have been this plain. in the past i worried about the sites’ aesthetics. and while i dont want this site to be ugly plain is fine for me.

this site is about my belief that taking a common sense business like approach can solve many problems. all posts will not be about my ideas or plans. but the site is called ‘the plan guy’ because thats what i am. i plan everything. including things that others feel should just happen. everyone who knows me knows that im constantly writing and most of those writings end up in some type of binder. i love binders. but writing is the way a plan starts. get your ideas and random thoughts on paper and you can begin to organize them.

this isnt a place for political correctness. i’ll never write anything just for shock value. i’ll never write anything just for the purpose of offending. but while being born in the 70s my outlook is that of someone born prior to the 50s. no nonsense. accountability is to be expected.

this notebook design really fits me. people who know me, know im the notebook king. i write in a lot of spirals and use a ton of binders. one reason i write in so many spirals is a writing system i use that digitizes my notes. but notebooks are a great tool of mine.